10 Nov 2005, Verona. 4th season, 72th strip: "Then, it folds". How can I sum up seven years of Last Cereal in such a little space? I should thank so many people, I should talk about so many things, I should narrate so many events, but now - a whole existence has been folded, wrapped in time, and put away. It's time for something new, so new that it may resist to the temptation of planting its roots where its heritage was nurtured. It's time to say goodbye and lower the curtain: can you see that dot on the right corner of your screen? Can you? It's the future.
[Graphic] The end of LC in color (updated)
[Music] "Repair machines", by Vitalic
[Movie] "Celine et Julie vont en bateau"
[Book] "The good companions", J.B.Priestley
[Desktop] My LC Desktop Background